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Why Not Get Paid is a organization that provides financial freedom that lines up with an obligation to be set free not just in a logical aspect of a way to win making money, it is in a way to have a gain to win with a mindset of keeping your sanity in a demeanor of your physical physique, mental physique and your spiritual physique while keeping sound to the fundamentals of life to carry yourself strong through whatever your circumstance may intend to be with swag. Our brand is to encourage   you to focus on what is to become along with growth, instead of  your underline thought of what life looks like for you at this present moment. We want to encourage you to become naturally gifted to perceive a positive outlook to life of what is to become instead of what is right in front of you that may not line up with your future due to your lack of not comprehending the brighter side of life to go out and get it with ambition in our community.Our company is a company that must have a I must, I can & I will kick ass dope attitude.We offer a urban clothing brand to meet the expectations of what you need in life. The hip hop culture is a culture that allows you to express who you are, while not changing your personality at any given second.We call it be your own poetry! Why not get paid is more than a fashion statement, it is a dope clothing store to live wild and free no matter how young or old you may be or whatever culture you come from, with an ambition mind-state with loyal characteristics. Alongside from that we want you to hold your dignity, morals, value & respect with ownership of  a positive outlook to own up to some boss shit, and own up to who you are called to be . We want you to be yourself and have a dope ass personality that can conquer the freakin world! Have you ever took out the time to look in the mirror and ask yourself one question, who the hell am I, where the hell am I going, and what the hell am I going to do to make the sacrifice to Why Not wanting to Get Paid to leave a legacy to change the generation of the world in our hip hop industry to do a hell of a lot better for yourself and your family, to make sacrifices to man or woman up to go out and go get it to overcome all of your fears to inspire the world and the people in it. Ask yourself this question Why not change to own it and boss up on some we on one and we own one! The question we try to infatuate to your life is what are you wiling to Why Not Get Paid and live financially free and make. My friend its not about us our team is here for you every step of the way to help you make your mind up to own it, become it, and most importantly to live it in action taking responsibility and accountabiltiy?


  • Heather Turner

    I want to give this clothing line a shout out due to the fact there vision and mission lines up with most of us out there! I love there customer service & whats even better they are for the hip hop urban culture, a taste of there swag that inspires artist and original people like you and me! I love how they ask WHY? Why Not Get Paid

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