WhyNotGetPaidFashion About Us

J. Smith is the founder of the brand WhyNotGetPaidFashion Industry. There are millions of black owned businesses out there but, this one stands alone with our message. Why Not Get Paid? A fashion that is fit and hip to the urban Hip hop culture. Why Not Get Paid comes with swag that will give you the ability to set your mind based on financial freedom with our shirts, hats & hoodies. We promote the entrepreneur mindset that allows you to be yourself, love yourself & respect yourself to bring light where there is darkness inside of your moral characteristics. We were first founded in Houston Texas, and have the personality inside of this company to expand nation wide all over the United States but, we need your help. Help will allow us to expand through different aspects of being ourself to take us to the next level. Ambition, motivation, and successful thinking to strive is all we have to offer to get up and go get it! We love to think outside of the box with no limitations on what we stand for! When we first started it was the year of 2012, when J. Smith traveled to New York to be apart of 106 and park. He has done many great things for your community that will make a change to your lifestyle that needed the most attention in the low income communities to be greater in your financial status and equip, shape, and whip you into shape to have a profound view to succeed in areas that increase the ability of where you were once weak to become strong. Many of us don't know where to start in the community to break free from failures and fears. With the brand of this line we are not just here to sell you product, we are here to sell you on what we can do to help your mind conquer your fears on what is inside of your bank account and who you are as a person to be better, feel better and live better to break generational curses to inspire your next generation. Your why should not just be why not get paid, your why should be why not make a lifestyle change, why not help out the community to succeed in areas you were once broken in to help others to want and perceive the same vision as you! Perception is what you perceive, and if you perceive greater is in Him that is in you, you will then understand God did not bring you this far to leave you.

God, Family & Career!

Why Not Get Paid